Euphoria 150mg Live Resin Delta-9 THC + CBD Sativa Dominant Hybrid


Euphoria Delta 9 THC gummies are infused with Blue Dream terpenes. Euphoria gummies have a pleasantly sweet blue raspberry flavor with an uplifting, energetic effect. Consumers use this strain a lot for creative energy.

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid and the most popular strain of cannabis in the country. Blue Dream is the perfect strain to help creativity, increase energy and is extremely uplifting. Not too heady not too chill… Almost the perfect balance in a cannabis strain.

Live Resin is a solvent extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes from fresh-frozen plants to preserve the quality of plant compounds and provide the most desirable product. 

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Euphoria D9 Live Resin gummies with 10mg D9 THC & 50mg CBD- Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Gummy Girl Gummies are the most popular gummies in our dispensary!  Euphoria gummies are Gluten-free, vegan, and organic.  These gummies taste AMAZING; you can truly taste and experience the terpenes!  Gummy Girl uses only the True Terpenes brand, which is organic and authentic to the strain.  You will love the taste and texture of Gummy Girl.

These new Gummy Girl gummies pack a punch with 10mg Delta-9 THC & 50mg CBD per gummy!  Delta 9 THC has a uniquely potent cerebral and physical effect.  The addition of CBD pairs well to enhance fun and relaxation.


Magical: Hybrid. Guava gummies infused with Unicorn Piss terpenes. NEW

      Effects – calm, relaxed, happy 

Mellow: Hybrid. Pomegranate gummies infused with Cranberry Kush terpenes. NEW

      Effects – happy, relaxed, uplifting 

Chill: Hybrid. Peppermint gummies infused with Thin Mint terpenes. NEW

      Effects – creative, relaxing, happy 

Celebrate: Indica Leaning. Birthday Cake gummies infused with Wedding Cake terpenes. NEW

      Effects – calm, uplifting, blissful 

Bliss: Indica.  Cherry flavored gummies infused with Cherry Pie terpenes.

      Effects – pain relief, relaxation, blissful 

Euphoria: Hybrid. Mixed Berry flavored gummies infused with Blue Dream terpenes.

      Effects – euphoria, uplifting, relief 

Staycation: Hybrid.  Pineapple-flavored gummies infused with Golden Pineapple terpenes.

      Effects – relaxation, relief, present

Calm: Indica. Lemon flavored gummies infused with Granddaddy Purple terpenes.

      Effects – pain relief, relaxed, present 

Happy: Hybrid.  Blueberry flavored gummies infused with Blueberry Diesel terpenes.

      Effects – relief, relaxed, happy 

Focus: Sativa.  Lime-flavored gummies infused with Green Crack terpenes.

      Effects – focusing, energizing, relief

Fun: Sativa.  Mango-flavored gummies infused with Tropicana Cookies terpenes.

      Effects – social, energizing, fun

Relax: Indica. Watermelon flavored gummies infused with Watermelon Zkittlez terpenes.

      Effects – relaxation, calm, sleep

Creative: Sativa.  Strawberry flavored gummies infused with Hawaiian Haze terpenes.

      Effects – Creative, uplifting, euphoric

Simply 9: Pineapple, Grape, + Cherry flavored gummies infused with NO TERPENES.

      Effects -no direction, perfect for adding THC to your experience 

Over It (D9 & CBG): Sativa. orange flavored gummies infused with Twisted Citrus.

      Effects – mood uplift, focusing, body relaxation

15 servings per container. 10mg D9 + 50mg CBD per gummy.

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Bliss (Indica), Calm (Indica), Creative (Sativa), Euphoria (Hybrid), Focus (Sativa), Fun (Sativa), Happy (Hybrid), Over It! (Sativa-leaning Hybrid), Simply 9 (NO terpenes), Sleep (Indica), Staycation (Hybrid)


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